A few years ago a group of youths, worship leaders and some youth pastors of different churches in Nepal felt the need for the establishment of a worship training center in the capital of the country, Kathmandu. In order to meet the demand of a good worship leader in churches of Nepal and to equip the worship leaders from different parts of Nepal. 

Thus, Kathmandu Worship School (KWS) was established at Budhanilkantha-04, Pasikot, Kathmandu in 2019 A.D. 

By keeping the verse John 4:24 as the motto of school, the school strives to give training to worship leaders as they grow to worship in spirit and truth.

The year 2019 marked the commencement of the 1st training of worship leader of 30 days worship school by keeping the motto of equipping worship leaders and graduated 19 worship leaders from different parts of Nepal.

The team felt worship means not only to train worship leaders but to show the witness of Jesus in every step and work. So, now the team is working on various ministries in different parts of Nepal.