Kathmandu Worship School (KWS) is an institution run by different youths, worship leaders, bible college students and some youth pastors. It has taken a vision to equip leaders in different fields in order to work for the kingdom of God. 

It is an institution which has been running 1 month worship classes with musical instruments and various other music related courses. It has also been running different trainings for the youth in various topics inside and outside of the capital city.  As the institution is in the society, it has been helping the society whenever it is needed like organizing relief programs in different sort of natural calamities. 

The institution has been targeted and it’s in prayer regarding running the worship school for 3 months. So, every part of worship and musical instruments will be covered perfectly. The institution is planning to move to an organization and work in various ministries. The planning is Youth and Children ministry and it has already started to work on it. 

The school also publishes various articles for the resources. KWS is making and publishing videos on YouTube regarding different courses and teachings. The school has also been running music classes and various training online as per the situation of Covid-19.